• The unique blends that we use are created with only the finest of ingredients.
  • Our Products feature ingredients
    certified as Organic.
  • While not being 100% Natural or Organic, we strive to utilize as many natural and organic ingredients as possible in our exclusive blends.
  • Our formulas are customized for
    different skin types, We are not all the same shade and neither should our sunless tanner.
  • Caramel Apple Sunless Solution is
    sold in individual gallons, 1/2gallons,and sample packs.
  • Airbrush tanning training , equipment and
    tents are available as well as extender and exfoliator lotions & body washes.
Mandie Price
 Mandie Price - Cypress, TX

Founder of Gold n' Delicious Tans and the Mobile Tanning Association
 My Story
   My name is Mandie and I am a stay-at-home mom!  There, I said it!  I spent the first 13 months of my baby's life at home with him and have loved every minute of it.  We all know how hard it is to get by on one income these days, but going back to teaching or  outside sales isn't an option for me.  It is very important to my husband and me to be the main influences in my son's life.  Having said all of that, I have been longing for the feeling of outside success.  When one day, while visiting my sister, she had an appointment with a mobile tanning service.  I thought......they do that????  Since I gave birth to my son I've had to fight for time to get to the tanning salon.  You can't exactly bring an infant along to a tanning bed.  At 10:55am sharp this lovely young lady showed up on my sister's front step.  She came in and set up for their appointment at 11am.  Then, airbrushed a flawless spray tan on my very pale sister.  There were no streaks, no sploches, no runs and no orange glow!  She looked great!  With set up and break down this young lady was on her way out the door in 20 minutes.  I was amazed!  I decided that day that this was a business I could get behind.  One week and a lot of homework later, Gold n' Delicious Mobile Tanning was born!
The Association
   Before I was completely up and running I had a girl ask about getting her business started.  Not knowing enough myself, I told her that I would let her know when I got mine rolling.  Shortly after getting started I was approached by clients and friends about how they could get their business started.  After a lot of thought and homework, the Mobile Tanning Association was born.  I now, sell equipment, train and mentor people trying to get their business started.  The Mobile Tanning Association is a collection of independent mobile tanning business owners.  We join our advertising efforts, learn from each other and pass on leads when they will benefit one of our other members.  It is a great environment for an eager business owner to really grow his/her new business and client base.