• The unique blends that we use are created with only the finest of ingredients.
  • Our Products feature ingredients
    certified as Organic.
  • While not being 100% Natural or Organic, we strive to utilize as many natural and organic ingredients as possible in our exclusive blends.
  • Our formulas are customized for
    different skin types, We are not all the same shade and neither should our sunless tanner.
  • Caramel Apple Sunless Solution is
    sold in individual gallons, 1/2gallons,and sample packs.
  • Airbrush tanning training , equipment and
    tents are available as well as extender and exfoliator lotions & body washes.


How often do you want to make a trip to the tanning salon and can't fit it into your schedule? We all have our different reasons....babies, jobs, meetings, soccer practice, husbands...sleep! When you do make it to the tanning bed, do you sometimes wonder about the damage being done by those intense UVA & UVB rays the news is always talking about? We are all interested in saving time and being as healthy as possible that is why mobile airbrush tanning is a dream come true!

You contact us and set up an appointment. We travel to your desired location, set up a "tanning tent" and use an airbrush technique to apply a flawless golden tan. Once we are finished we pack up and are on our way. No muss no fuss. The beauty of the "tanning tent" is there with no need for worry about overspray. The tent catches everything that doesn't land on you. Our equipment all packs into a rolling suitcase and does not need a lot of room to work. Any 5x5 open space with sufficient lighting will do.

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